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Self Study Person

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All of the lessons in Grammar In A Nutshell are designed for personalized learning so are ideal for the self-study person. The exercises in each of the lesson modules provide immediate feedback, and this allows the person to repeat exercises until he/she has learned the concepts that have been presented. This online course is ideal for international students who need to "brush up" on the English Language and its functional grammar, as well as migrants, ethnic groups and adults who "missed out" on formal English Grammar during their schooling. With only a small monthly subscription the self-study person can move through the lesson modules at a comfortable pace that suits his/her situation.
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Self Study Home Page
The Self Study Home Page is very simple and easy to use. It has two large buttons that allow each self-study person to access not only the lesson modules, but also their results that have been stored from the assessment lessons which they have completed in each module.
Lesson Modules
Selecting the desired lesson module is very easy - simply click the desired tab to view that module. Use the arrow buttons to access the previous/next lesson or use the radio buttons in the left panel to select a specific lesson. You can view a summary of the contents of each lesson module from the Contents page in the About Us section. The software keeps a record of where each user is up to and will return them to that lesson when they next login.

Selected Lesson
Each Lesson Module contains information, exercise and assessment lessons and an explanation about each is shown below.

1. Information Lesson
These lessons (such as shown on the left) contain information that needs to be read as they present new concepts about English Grammar that are important to be understood and learned.
2. Exercise Lesson
The Exercises are used to reinforce the concepts that have been learned in the Information Lessons. They enable you to do more practice, several times over if necessary until the user is confident they can complete the exercise correctly. Some exercises require you to click and drag objects and if correct will "snap" into position heralded by a "correct" sound, while if incorrect, will return to the original position accompanied by an "incorrect" sound, inviting you to try again. When completed, you can click "Play Again" to repeat the exercise. Other exercises with radio button choices have a "Check Answers" button and when pressed the Grammar Checker will calculate and display your score and highlight the correct radio selections for each question, so you can check your incorrect answers. No scores are recorded for any of the Exercises.
3. Assessment Lesson
Each module contains several Assessment Lessons that test how well you have learned the information presented in that Module. Scores are recorded for each Assessment Lesson and these can be viewed in the "My Results" page. Unlike Exercise Lessons, Assessment Lessons will not indicate incorrect selections. Some Assessment Lessons may contain a "Submit" button that you need to press in order for the Grammar Checker to mark the lesson and provide you with a score. Only the score from the latest attempt for each Assessment Lesson is shown in the "My Results" page.
My Results
The Assessment Results can be accessed from the "My Results" button on the home page or by clicking the "Module Assessment" heading from the Lesson Modules page. A weighted average score is shown for each Module. To view the detailed scores for each Test within a Lesson Module select the Module required by clicking the radio button for that Module. The Module Assessment Details show the results of the LAST attempt for each lesson in the selected Module. The score is a ratio expressed as a percentage of the correct divided by done. If "View" is present in the last column of an assessment task and the row highlights when the mouse is hovered over it, you can click on that assessment task to see the supplied and correct answers for that assessment task. This gives all students the ability to see what they got wrong so they can review this topic. If the selected task contains multiple questions, previous and next buttons allow you to toggle through each question to check your answers.
For more information including lesson videos, please click here to go to 'How To Use'.