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All of the lessons in Grammar In A Nutshell are designed for personalized learning so are ideal for the homeschool environment. The exercises in each of the lesson modules provide immediate feedback to the students and this allows them to repeat exercises until they have learned the concepts that have been presented. This means that it is not essential for the parent to be fully conversant with English Grammar in order to use this product with their students. A Student Management page (see below) that can be accessed from the parent's home page allows parents to manage each of their students and to monitor their progress through each of the lesson modules by reviewing their scores.
1st Child: $20.00 per year
2nd Child: $20.00 per year
Extra Child: $20.00 per year

Homeschool Student Management

All of the Homeschool Student Management functions can be done from this one screen.

1. Add User
This function allows the parent to add a student by entering their first and last name and clicking OK. The maximum number of students is dependant on the size of your homeschool licence. Each child has his/her own button containing their first name and this appears on the home page allowing them to access the lessons directly once the parent has logged in.
2. Edit User, Delete User, View Results
These function buttons on the right of each user in the list allow the parent to perform these functions on individual students by clicking the appropriate button in the function column for that user.