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English Grammar: Functional Grammar in Colour Online Course
Course Outline

This online professional development course will provide the necessary skills for teachers to "brush up" on their English Grammar and thereby will be able to teach English Grammar more effectively to their students. The course has been laid out in 10 modules. Each module contains information lessons, exercises to reinforce the information learned, and an assessment section that tests the information learned in that module. The assessment results can be viewed in the My Results section.

  • Module 1: Parts of Speech in Functional Grammar and the Basic Sentence
  • Module 2: Nouns and Pronouns
  • Module 3: Verbs and Introducing Phrases
  • Module 4: More about Phrases, Prepositions, Participles and Objects
  • Module 5: Active and Passive Voice, Clauses, Conjunctions, Relative and Reflexive Pronouns
  • Module 6: Linking Verbs, Complements and Paragraphs
  • Module 7: Commas, Pointers, Noun Phrases and Clauses, More about Adjectives, Adverbs of Degree
  • Module 8: Punctuation, Possessives and Formal & Direct Speech
  • Module 9: Comparatively Speaking, Politeness and Syllable Emphasis
  • Module 10: Parallel Writing, Gerunds, Moods, Essay Writing and Structural Form
Course Duration
16 hours
Course Cost
Course Delivery Mode
The basic parts of speech and their matching colours, shown below, will be used throughout this resource
(doing, having &
being function)
(modifying &
qualifying function)

This online course will contribute 16 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 2.2.2, 2.5.2, 2.6.2, 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. To register, please enter your details as shown below. We will send you email confirmation of your registration including your username and password to login to Grammar In a Nutshell and get started! A PDF invoice will also be attached for you to present to your school accounts clerk.

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